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5th Aug, 2012

love is


[ad] Podfic Event Promotion

I think it fits the theme of this community :)

Sign Ups - Recording & Sign Ups - Artists @ LJ
Sign Ups - Recording & Sign Ups - Artists @ DW

20th Jun, 2011

csi | like you were made for me


Stop Whispering

Title: Stop Whispering
Author: geekwriter143
Reader: bessyboo
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Rating: PG13
Length: 24:46
Format: MP3 & M4B (Audiobook)
Link: At my journal.

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14th Feb, 2008

四月一日 | everything you are


4 CSIs Walk Into the Fruit Loop, by rageprufrock

14valentines - Day 14 - V-Day, International

Author: rageprufrock
Reader: summertea
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Fandom: CSI
Warning: ... Don't drink anything while reading? Is that even a real warning?

text | audio (permanent link) | audio (Megaupload mirror)

22nd Dec, 2007


(no subject)

OK, to get this community started, a few questions/points.

  • Do people want challenges posted? If so what kind of time period are we talking about? Two weeks? A month apart? Up to you.
  • In order to post challenges, we kind of need more people, so my request to you is to go community-pimping.
  • If you want to offer yourself up as a reader so people can request you to record their fics, could you please post a two-minute (approx.) voice sample, not necessarily a CSI fic, but preferably something with both narrative and conversation. Also, preferably not above R rated for samples. The tag for this is voice_sample.


1st Dec, 2007


(no subject)


Well, I wrote the previous post about a week ago, and only just got it posted. I really should have read through it before posting, because I have something else to say.

You may never actually get to hear my (admittedly awful) podfic, since due to throat damage whilst in anaphylaxis, I may never regain proper speech. Yay. Even a whisper hurts right now.  On the 40% chance (or something like that) I regain full speech, which will take months, I still have to learn sign language in case it never comes back. Joy of joys.

Right, self pity over now. Well, not really, since loosing speech is a pretty serious thing, wouldn't you say? I mean, I'll probably have to change schools, I'll have to become completely proficient in BSL, My choices of uni courses will be limited to ones in which I don't have to make presentations, and yeah, it's generally gone to shit.

And this post only started off to say don't expect any podfic from me, and I've gone into self-pity mode. Which I have been doing a lot recently.

So yeah.


(no subject)

Hey, quick intro post from me. I haven't started plugging this around yet, but if people could start mentioning this to people through LJ or other means of communication, I'd appreciate it.

I just thought I'd start by asking people to either volunteer to read fic, read their own fic, or rec fics to this comm. If you rec a fic, can you either make sure you have permission to record it from the author (As far as I can tell, most people say yes.) or the the reader know they still need author permission.

I feel kind of guilty for not posting a podfic of my own, but the only one I have is all of 1.30 (that's minutes and seconds, not seconds and minute long, and my voice is dying. And I kept meaning to re-record it, and then two days ago I went into complete anaphylactic shock, and my throat is still recovering. read: I can't talk and I still can't breath properly. Would make a podfic sound funny, methinks.

Anyway, self-pity over, I shouldn't have fallen asleep on the cat, and it wouldn't have happened.

So yeah, please help make my community grow. And I will post some of my fic as soon as I can, but in the meantime, feel free.

Also, as mentioned in the user info (CODIS Profile. Hey, I was bored) icons/LAYOUTS (notice caps there) would be greatly appreciated. I have some skill at writing websites, but LJ layouts confuse me.

ANyway, I really will stop ranting now. Byeee...